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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


It snowed heavily all day long! And it is expected to go all nite and into tomorrow - the weather report from the Sault predicted up to 28 cm by the end of it. It is amazing out there - you shovel and sweep one area and - bang - 1 hour later it is as tho you never did it. Rejean did our lane way then we decided to take the snowmobile over to Ute's to do hers by riding the snowmobile over her lane way. What a riot. I was on the back and we were going around her lane way over and over again to pack down the snow. We then decided to go on the trail on the mine side - we are going to make a trail up to the end so we just drove up to the meadow and back a few times. On our way out - I am driving now - you go down a small hill to the highway. I slowly proceeded down the hill and stopped at the side of the highway to look both ways to see if it was safe to proceed. I saw the snow plow coming from my left so I waited. I looked at him and saw how close to the edge of the highway he was and then where we were in relation to him. We were too close and we got sprayed with all the snow he was plowing - I mean plastered!!! I put my arms up to protect my head but I could still feel all the snow - and it was heavy!! We laughed about it - both us and the snowmobile were covered in snow. But it was fun. I won't make that mistake again. I dropped Rejean off at the garage and took the machine out for a spin by myself - not too far - just back up to the meadow and back. You don't want to go too far by yourself in case you get stuck or stranded - especially in today's weather.
Well tomorrow is another day - it will be interesting to see what we wake up to tomorrow but I know for a fact that Rejean will be blowing more snow. Maybe a sauna tomorrow nite....
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