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Monday, December 14, 2009


Last evening we dined at Bob's and we had a buffalo roast, spicy carrots, scalloped potatoes, bread and cheese covered asparagus. The buffalo roast was different - but good. He did it in the oven covered in bacon. It was a bit chewy but the flavour was good. First time he had cooked buffalo. I will get some ground buffalo and try some burgers.
Today we worked on the shower. We got the walls up and anchored in place. Rejean had to replace their plastic anchors with heavy duty ones. It took a bit of work but it's done. Tomorrow I have to head into town for a doctor's appointment, make a donation, pick up a parcel at the Creative Basket, pick up a screw for Rejean at the Home Hardware and hit the bank. Then be home to finish the shower. Wednesday we go to the Sault for some stuff and to get our H1N1 and regular flu shot. Hope I don't get sick.
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