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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The other property

My two (male and female) Hairy Woodpeckers enjoying the suet - note the weather stick indicating a nice day - if it points up a good day and if it points down a bad day - kind of like life.

First I raked the road - sorry Ricky I beat you to it but you can do it again when you come visit - then I went on my first garbage run of the year and I only got about 3/4 of a bag - either I did a good job last fall or people are starting to not litter as much. Then we put the dock in - hard to believe but the ice is gone that far from shore. So we got 'er done and then sat and had a beer on the end of the dock in the sun.

Then just as I was getting dinner ready and had the salads all done, Ron called and invited us over for cocktails with them and Cal and Sal. Cal and Sal have a place on Jobam so when they get in they go visiting. We have known them for years and it is always a good time. And tomorrow nite Cal and Sal are having us over for cocktails at their camp along with Ron and Mary too. The fun never ends.
Tomorrow a trip into town to try and get some chicken arms on sale at Valumart. $2 a pound - yum yum. Thursday we give blood and Friday is the fish fry at the Legion - has it been a month already?
See Ya Bye

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