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Monday, March 29, 2010


Plane Jane and her husband Les - good job!!!
Plane Jane assisting and a mystery man checking the sausages - note the red checkered apron - he wore it well...

Busy in the Kitchen - real men DO wear aprons

The Sowerby Hall - we beat the rush

What we woke up to on Sunday morning - it hadn't snowed in Sowerby tho.

My Plate - Yum Yum - they were carrot muffins and I poured a lot of maple syrup over my pancake and dipped my sausages in it.

While at the Legion Fish Fry on Friday nite, Plane Jane told us about the Sowerby Breakfast on Sunday morning - all the proceeds go to the Sowerby Hall. Pancakes, sausages, eggs, muffins, juices etc. We would be there!!!

Ron and Mary picked us up at 9am Sunday and off we went - the roads were good despite the little bit of snow we got overnite. We arrived at about 9:45 and the crowds hadn't arrived yet. Apparently at noon when the churches get out it is packed.
We got in line and got our food. It was nice to be served and not have to serve for a change. And the best part of the whole experience was that the men were cooking!!!! Plane Jane was helping and some other ladies were also helping but the men were doing duty in the kitchen with aprons on!!! And a fine job they did. They cooked the pancakes in bunches of about 8 and the sausages (2 kinds) were precooked. There was also hot hard boiled eggs. Fresh cut oranges and coffee and orange juice. It was a full breakfast. But they only put it on once a year - pity because it could really raise a lot of money for the hall if they put it on say, once a month. I managed to get a picture of Plane Jane and her husband Les together. They were both working very hard - it was a very well organized and successful event - I went in and thanked and congratulated the cooks on a job well done. It is nice to be acknowledged.
See ya Bye

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