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Monday, March 29, 2010


I don't even like them!!! Guess who cleaned the smelt - ME!!! It took total about 4 hours. You clean them just like a small brook trout - cut their heads off just below the two small side fins - then you cut up from the b-m hole to the top where you cut their head off - you use your thump to scratch out the innards and rub to remove the "dirt" from the spine area. Then you cut the two bottom fins and voila - you are done. Do that 1 million times (seems like) and you have a meal. I threw the heads and innards out for the ravens but they don't seem to enjoy the little eyes staring are them. I guess they are used to the chicken and hot dogs they get. Spoiled birds!!! I don't remember even eating them before but I am told I have but I don't remember. I like sardines...

It was beautiful here today. Nice and sunny and warm. I got a walk in but I didn't feel too safe on the highway. I'll just have to use my treadmill for a while. AND it is supposed to hit 20 on Thursday!!!! Get out the golf clubs!!!

See Ya Bye

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