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Saturday, March 6, 2010


After the dump we went to John and Linda's to help them install their new tv that Linda and I had picked up in the Sault on Friday. We put all the cords down thru the wall so no wires will be sticking or hanging out. The first picture shows Rejean and Linda doing something behind the TV - and I don't want to know. Rejean will be making a little shelf to hold the cable box and something else. He did the same to our tv and it does keep it neat and tidy - no cables or electrical devices looking out of place. The tv looks great. It took all morning but what do you expect with 4 people trying to give advice and direction. Linda was so afraid the tv would fall off the arm on the wall or the wall would fall down but we finally convinced her it would never happen. John was playing around with the remote trying to find a hockey game.
Tonite we go to Ute's for a dinner party put together by two of her guests. Should be a good time. Ron and Mary, MaryLou and Hughie, Rejean and myself, Ute and her two friends. A good time will be had by all. I'll take my camera and let you in on the fun.
See Ya Bye
I think Ron wants to go fishing tomorrow - twist my arm...

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