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Wednesday, March 3, 2010


...then we relax. It is going to be sunny and 8 on Saturday so we are taking the day off to just relax. Dinner at Ute's that evening. The guys cut today and then tomorrow off. Then we give it one last push on Friday and then whatever we have cut is what we have. Then we start splitting and transporting. The big melt should be on by then. It is going to be beautiful around here - it has been a weird winter - Rejean only blew snow 3 times in December. That is it. last year at this time the piles of snow along side the highway were 3 feet tall - today there is nothing. There are patches of bare ground. The spring run off will be non-existant. Bad for the bush. If this had been the summer there would be a very serious drought going on - fire bans galore. But word has it that next week there will be a couple of days of rain. That will take care of the little snow we have. Last summer was too wet and cold and this winter has been dry and sunny. Go figure.
See Ya Bye


Anonymous said...

how did her surgury go? when did she get home? what will she feed you? only 3 questions today not 20-sistersue

northernbliss said...

Last week
I'll let you know tomorrow