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Sunday, March 14, 2010


The other nite just after I finished my exercises I looked out and saw two raccoons feeding at the bird feeder - it has been very mild so they must be coming out of hibernation (the bears may not be too far behind). You can just make out the 2 bumps in the blue area. Rejean opened the door and scared them away but they didn't seem to run very fast. I don't know if they came back that nite or if they have been back since. I bet they have. We don't leave any garbage out so the bird seed is all they can find to eat.
We just got back from Windsor where we attended the funeral for our friend Jimmy. Jimmy had been coming up on the spring fishing trip for 18 years straight. Many good times were enjoyed by everyone during that time. He was up last year even during his chemo and right up to the end he was talking about coming back up here this year. He will be missed. The service was very emotional. Rick talked about the fishing trips and how thrilled Jimmy was when he caught a fish. He would sit in the back seat of the truck and sing "goin' fishing with Rick and Rejean" When we knew that he was going thru the chemo and may have trouble casting, we went out and got one of those fishing rods for kids that shot the lure out. He laughed but he never got to use it. His son spoke about little phrases that Jimmy would say - some that meant something to only a few people and some that meant something to everyone. His "adopted" daughter spoke of being cuddled in the crook of his arm and that was the safest place in the world for her. She got to lie down with Jimmy and cuddle one last time. Everyone was in tears. It was a good service. He will be remembered by all with love. Rest in Peace Jimmy.

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