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Sunday, March 21, 2010


I raked my septic bed today and we then got a couple of loads of the mulch from the other property. Last year the highway workers dropped a couple of loads of mulch at the shed. We deposited it in the garden and it looks great. Should hold the moisture during the dry weather we have been having and probably will all summer. My plants will love it.

We had Roger over for dinner tonite - Roger had a little "incident" with a table saw. He didn't loose any fingers but one is shorter and one has a nice slice thru it. Doing something he shouldn't have been doing with the saw but you can be sure he will never do that again. He got away lucky this time. Rejean had the same thing happen to him but not as severe. And he also was doing something he shouldn't have been doing with a table saw. Live and Learn. Joy and Arnold were just arriving at Roger's when it happened so they were able to take him to the hospital in Thessalon - yes we do have a hospital in Thessalon - a very good one. Nice to know in case of emergencies - Susan went there when she broke her wrist on the 4 wheeler a couple of years ago. And the Sault is getting a brand new one shortly. So we are all set - in case of emergencies....
See Ya Bye
ps - I do want to apologize to all the Bald Eagles out there for my comments yesterday - I know you must eat and all the lakes are still iced over so you have to get a meal where you can. I would do the same.

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