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Friday, March 26, 2010


I first have to add that people up here have a good sense of humor. We came home last evening after being in town giving blood and dinner at the Shorview. We then stopped off at Ron and Darlene's for a beverage. It was just getting dark when we pulled up to our house - I was driving so I had my eyes on the road ahead of me. I heard Rejean say "what the h-ll is that?" and I looked over at the house. I first thought it was a big dog just lying by the door - then I thought it was a wolf or something. On further inspection is was a huge stuffed tiger!! You can see how big it is and it is very soft and in great condition. I quickly got out my camera as I consider this to be blog worthy material. Then you get to thinking - ok, who did this. We were with John at Ron's place so he didn't have the time. He was our first choice as he is known for his "antics". I called Linda and she said she didn't know anything about it. There are only so many people who would be capable of something like this. We saw Roger on the highway on his way home and think maybe had something to do with it - he is in the process of "cleaning ' out his place so maybe...We may never know. Now what do I do with an almost life size stuffed tiger???? Maybe I'll put it outside to scare off the raccoons.
See Ya Bye
ps - I notice that I have a new follower - Lisa - welcome to my world!! I now have 8 followers and I appreciate every one of you. I will try and keep you entertained and interested in the stuff I do every day. Please feel free to comment - I enjoy the feedback.


Anonymous said...

i follow you too aunt janet
i just never set up an account

Lisa said...

Thank you! I love reading your blogs! My husband and I just love the Thessalon area and are visiting again this summer. Check out your post from July 13, 2009, I made a comment about your black bear.

northernbliss said...

I know you follow my blog Shelley:o) You were one of my original followers. I follow you on facebook and I love your hair - you look great!!!