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Monday, March 1, 2010


I almost got a day off today - when Rejean went over to work area, there was a box at the top

of the driveway that said John and Randy were on strike and to call their union rep, Roger. Randy had put the box there last nite at 1am when they finally finished celebrating the big hockey win. It was a joke but for a moment I thought I didn't have to work. But no such luck. We worked from 10am til 2pm - 4 hours of good hard work. And we got a lot done as well. As you can see from the picture above, John was trying to catch a little cat nap on the logs. Linda says he forgot how much hard work is involved doing your own firewood. Some people up here buy "bunks" of firewood. Whole logs are delivered to their yards and then you cut them to length and split them yourself. That alone is hard work. But when you have to do it from scratch - well that is the fun of it. It certainly keeps you in shape. The top picture is a tall sliver that was left from a tree splitting when it went down. Randy is working on it to take it down. My job again was to burn the brush but I also throw some of the logs into the piles. I'm getting pretty good and my right arm doesn't hurt anymore. I haven't done my exercises in over 2 weeks!!! I get enough cardio and weight work from the wood work.

I woke up today with the cold that has been going around here. I am trying to ignore it but I feel pretty rotten. We are having a day off tomorrow because everyone wants to go fishing and according to John's calendar, it is a great week to fish and the weather couldn't be better - sunny and temps in the pluses. Saturday it is going up to 6 with sun so I know where I will be. Not in the bush...

See ya Bye


Anonymous said...

it looks like you will have enough wood for 5 years or do you intend to set up your roadside stand to sell firewood to the tourists???-sistersue

northernbliss said...

Actually we have help - John and Randy - so we will be doing enough for them as well. We'll just keep going until we have enough.