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Friday, March 26, 2010


While in town yesterday I picked up a Sault Star. It is not a big newspaper but it keeps me informed of local stuff going on. Well yesterday there was an article that informed us that a convicted sex offender would now be living in Thessalon . He has just finished serving a 5 year 5 month term for 3 counts of sexual assult, 2 counts of being a party to a sexual assult and 1 count of sexual assult. There were other prison terms for sexual assult involving teenage girls AND the penitentiary officials consider him a high risk to re-offend!!! Nice to know!!! You read about stuff like this in the big city but when it is in your back yard and a small community of 1400 people it scares the hell out of me. We will just have to be careful and more aware of our surroundings at all times but it just takes away the feeling of safety and security that I felt living up here. But I have faith in the Ontario Provincial Police Detachment right on the corner of highway 17 and 129. They will keep us safe.

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must of got you, for just that split second, wasn't me must of been bondo mino yuk yuk