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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


One of my little friends made an appearance this morning and I managed to get a better picture of him. I opened the door and he meandered off - slowly. I had just finished feeding my two ravens hotdogs. they are so fun to watch - I tried to get a picture of them but they had finished breakfast and flew away. John can produce a sound very similar to their calls and I want him to teach me how to do it. Instead of my CawCawCaw that I yell at them. If anyone ever saw me do that I would be taken away in a little white jacket. And yesterday when we were over on the deck taking advantage of the nice warm sunny weather, a fisher came trotting around the shoreline - we watched him scamper over to the other side where he could go ashore without getting wet. He never even saw us. We are just waiting to see our first bear - it is warm enough for them so we are alert. I carried a whistle on my walk today - just in case.
I hear the Eagles are touring this year - hitting Toronto and Winnipeg. Some of the tickets are in the $440-800 dollar range. They are touring with the Dixie Chicks - now that would be a concert!! Well worth the $$$.
On the way to Windsor last week we stopped in WestBranch where there is a Dress Barn. I bought my dress last year for a wedding at the Barn and I got another one this year. My nephew Troy is getting married this June so, of course, I needed a new dress. I found THE one and it was only $35.00 US!!! What a bargoon!! I also picked up a shrug sweater to go over it. I may get cold. And the sales girl showed me some bling for it that, of course went very well so I will be all blinged up. (read necklace and earrings). But it is perfect - you know the feeling when you put something on and it just fits perfect, you feel good in it and it is a good price. I admit that the sweater was more than the dress but it didn't matter - it was an essential. And I have black shoes and dressy clutch to go with it (girly talk). And all the people who laughed at me for buying a dress at the dress Barn, wait until you see it!!
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Anonymous said...

can't wait to see the dress from the barn!!! what is a fisher-did you forget to add" man"???=sistersue

Anonymous said...

I'd be grabbing the shot gun not the camera!

Anonymous said...

A FISHER is a member of the weasel family and will eat anything , from baby birds and baby rabbits to its favorite , squirrels and chipmonks . They have beatiful brown fur and are sleek and very fast .

northernbliss said...

Thanks to"anonymous" who provided an explanation of a Fisher - I had to look it up in my book to see what it was - and because it was very dark in color and no white on it's underside, I determine that it was a Fisher. I'll be looking for the otters soon.