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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The fox dens beside the highway
My favourite camp (other than my own)

The boom at Red Rock

A very photogenic deer

I headed into Blind River yesterday for a few supplies - Rejean needed cigarettes - and I took my camera just in case I saw something. A deer was standing on the side of the road -
and it didn't run away as they usually do. Too bad we don't see them during the hunting season. It was a nice healthy looking one. I then drove into Red Rock Dam to see what was going on - they have installed a boom across the river to prevent boats from getting too close to the spill way. That is where the pink salmon come in the fall. It is a nice place to fish. On the way back I got a picture of a camp that I just love. It is just a one floor little cabin with a couple of out buildings - just the right size. I also got a picture of the fox's den along side of the highway - they are starting to dig them a bit bigger - maybe in anticipation of babies??? I always thought it was a stupid place to dig their dens but people throw food in that area and it gives people a chance to see them in the wild - but it is on a corner so I am sure there will be a few near misses come the spring and summer.
It is supposed to be nice and sunny today - I'll be taking advantae of that!!!
See Ya Bye

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