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Sunday, November 16, 2008


Eddie and Barry left this morning - deer and fourwheeler in trailer with visions of next year dancing in their heads. It was a good hunt - those two are sooo entertaining - we have walkie talkies that we use to keep in touch with - there are ear buds that go in your ear and you have to hold down a button to speak - it is very quiet - so as not to startle any creatures within ear shot. And everyone can hear the conversation. When Barry and Eddie are taling together it is like Abbott and Costello. Barry's one liners are a hoot. And the way Eddie talks to him is priceless - it keeps us entertained while out in the bush. Thanks for the memories!!
I cleaned my house this morning and did the wash - cleaned out the fridge and got rid of stuff I won't eat like that green pepper in the crisper - we hate green peppers. It is over the hill as fill.
Rejean cleaned up downstairs and put all the hunting clothes away for next year. Finally back to normal. We are vegging this afternoon - then back to the usual routine - I'll be back on the treadmill and weight machine tomorrow. I think I will start off on the treadmill - nothing like a good cardio workout - and Stacey - I do sweat.
The hydro people are on our property clearing the brush under the hydro lines and they even came up our line and trimmed some of the bigger trees - thankyou very much - we usually get the small stuff every two years and left the big stuff for some other time. All the trees they cut up by the road will stay there so we can get some good firewood - there's some big trees down.
So I will sign off so I can go on the couch and watch the cooking channel - I got addicted to it in Florida - it's great. I can do some of that stuff!!!
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