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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm back from my first morning hunting. I got all suited up - picture to follow - and went and sat in one of the permanent blinds on the mine side. I sat there for about 3 hours and only saw and heard a bird!!!! Where was my monster buck???? No one saw anything. Ed got one last week which is now hanging in the garage ready to be taken to the butcher for processing. Yum Yum. I can just taste it. Sorry for those of you who find this offensive but where do you think your food comes from? We don't bait for the deer like some people do. Tomorrow they will be out "dogging" - that is where some people walk and make the deer move hopefully in the path of the hunters waiting with their guns ready. The weather was mild last week - some hunters came home with mosquito, spider and black fly bites. This week is colder and there is some snow on the ground. But the deer just aren't moving.
Now some good news - I finally know someone who won a million dollars in the lottery - that's
$1,000,000.00!!!! And she is a bank manager for the Bank of Nova Scotia!!! I wonder where that money will end up. I have a ticket that has been winning me a free play for about 5 weeks now so maybe my luck will change - you have a fifty-fifty chance - either you win or you don't. That's my story and I am sticking to it.
Tonite we will eat at Ozzy's - it's is now under new mangement which means, I am told, that the prices will come down. They make the best Ozzyburger with french fries and gravy and, of course, a beer. I only gained .6 pounds on vacation - altho I don't know how as we ate and drank a lot. But we walked tons.
Tomorrow Linda and I will be going to the Sault Michigan to spend the money I didn't spend in Florida. I came home with $$$. And I have noticed that Christmas is just around the corner!!!!
Ugh. I have purchased my first Christmas present - for Andrew. We draw names and I got him and Stacey let me know what he wanted. I can't tell what it is because he might be reading this later.
By the way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY!!!! It is her birthday today and Andrew's birthday on Saturday. If you want to see her and follow her blog - which is very interesting it is She is doing a new workout routine called PX90 I think. She posts pictures of the marathon we were in and other neat stuff.
Well have to tidy up around here - I took the afternoon off from hunting - Wednesday it's right back at it again.
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