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Friday, November 21, 2008


I have a sad situation to deal with - our little male fox came around today with a sore left front leg - he wouldn't put any pressure on it at all - he was limping and when he stopped he just put the tip of the paw on the ground. I watched as he tried to lay down and he couldn't. We fed him a couple of hot dogs and some left over roast beef. He ate his fill and left just a bit. Usually at this time of year they bury a lot of their food - so they can find it during the winter when hunting is not so good. Well this little guy couldn't dig a hole if he tried. He looked good tho - not skinny and his coat looked good - nice and thick and fluffy. He also couldn't chase a squirrel or bird for food. He really can't walk on the leg. I have a feeling that we may be feeding this guy regularly. He is also getting fed at Axe lake because I remember John saying that the male had a sore paw last week so he has been hobbling around for quite a while - maybe he has adjusted. We haven't seen the female around for a while. But they have been eating well with all the deer "gut piles" from last week's hunt. Rejean said their pile was gone in two days!!
I put my bird feeder out a couple of days ago and I have seen 1 bird - not counting the blue jays that steal the squirrel's peanuts. I have seen three. There will be more - they squack at you when you walk outside if they happen to be in the area. The birds will find it eventually - then all hell breaks loose - the squirrels come and the birds come and then the blue jays. They all have their little habits.
Tomorrow nite we are having Linda and John over for a pizza party - I make the dough and then we make our own pizza - I told them to bring their own pizza pan. I have all the toppings AND extra stingy mozzerella cheese - Yum Yum. Then we'll watch the hockey game - I haven't a clue who is playing but I hope it's Detroit - John is a hard core hockey fan - and I mean hard core. Should be fun.
Dump day tomorrow - maybe I'll find another treasurer...I'm going to shine it all up tomorrow so Linda can see it and tell her I found it at the dump - Linda likes shiny things such as silver and crystal so I know she will be jealous - she has lots of nice stuff at her house including her collection of hedgehogs - yes they are cute. I got her a little one with little thread hairs all over it - like an eyelash scarf - now she has they whole family. I'll get a picture of it some day for you to see.
Friday nite - when you are retired, every nite is Friday nite - that's what it feels like - one day you will find out for yourself . . .
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