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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello Harrison and Jacob!!!

I met Harrison and Jacob at the Bon Aire in Florida. They were there with their parents and grandparents and probably a whole lot of other relatives. People tend to return to the Bon Aire year after year and then their families join them. We ran into a group of sisters whose parents have been going there for the past forty years!! Yes it is a wonderful place to go for a relaxing vacation. But you wouldn't like it. Don't go there. I don't want everyone in the world to find out about this little gem of a place. When we left we put in our room preference for next year. There are other rooms that we like so we designated them as our first choice. We are slowly working our way to the ocean view rooms but I think people have to die before they give up those rooms.
Got back from a shopping trip to the Sault Michigan today with Linda. Spent all my US $$. plus some Canadian. There are bargains to be had - I buy the big Splenda packages - they were $6.00 at the Walmart in the states and over $7.50 at the Glen's market just down the plaza. That's cheaper than at Costco!!
Tomorrow I go back out with the guys to hunt. On the way to the Sault today two BIG does crossed the highway in front of us and tonite coming home there was one at the side of the road - and me without my gun...Joy and Arnold from Axe Lake got one today - a small button buck they call them - this year's fawns. I think all the older deer hide when hunting season starts. Keith from the Trading Post said that no one is getting any. But there are still 3 more days left and you never know....
Soon I will be able to post all my pictures - Barry is in the computer room and I don't like to go into his room to use that computer - that is where all my pictures are so come Sunday - look out!!!
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Anonymous said...

don't have any mojitos before you go looking for bucks!!!!!!!!-sistersue