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Sunday, November 30, 2008


I took a "spill" today. Last year I took a few - Rejean appears to be keeping track - today while walking back from the garage I slipped and went down. My left leg slipped right out from under me and flew forward - my right leg (with my bum knee) folded and I went down on it - it actually broke my fall or I would have landed right on my back - anyway, my head snapped back and I took quite a bump - BUT - I am good - just a few seconds where I was going for the "oh can I help you up - you poor thing" from Rejean but you know what he is like - I should have been more careful - you shouldn't be wearing those shoes - but to his credit he did rush over and help me up - my head did hurt for a moment but I am none the worse for wear. I am back to normal - whatever that is.
We got the base for the new wood stove done yesterday - we had pieces of slate from the slate mine around the place so I collected them before the snow and we put the jig saw puzzle together and I think we did a good job - we cemented it yesterday and will grout it sometime this week - we will colour the grout dark. We found a place where they sell the Nova Brik - thanks to Joan and to Egon and Chris who sent me the information - they will sell it in smaller amounts and they have a color that we can work with - a light grey color which will blend in with my black and white bathroom and black stain on the mantel and in the cabinets in the bathroom. We will be heading the Sudbury this week sometime to get it - there is also a Costco there so I will do all my shopping there instead of Windsor. We also got a lot of the chip board up today - it is beginning to look like a room now - I can picture my equipment in there. By the way I took the day off today from my exercises - I was supposed to run for 35 minutes but because of my fall....I'll do it tomorrow - I am enjoying getting back into the routine - one day the weights and the next the cardio - I feel so much better.
Tomorrow (Monday)we head to the Sault with Linda and John - it was supposed to be just the girls but John indicated he might want to come with us and asked if Rejean was interested - he has to buy a toilet and maybe a door so he is all excited. BUT they have to come where we want to go - they are infringing on our shopping day so we get first say where we are going to shop and they have to carry our bags. I have a list so I should be able to complete my shopping for Christmas - we all pooled our money and MaryLou picked a charity - the Hiatus House - so we are buying for a family in need. Next year the $$ comes up here to the Food Bank or the Wharncliffe Hall. That is why we only spend $15 on each other - we have everything and others have very little - It is good to help.
I found my old bird feeder today when I was cleaning up the bar area - I bought one of those tower feeders and my birds have been ignoring it - only a few birds have landed on it - I guess it is a city bird feeder not a bush bird feeder. I'll change it tomorrow - by the way, my squirrel is still not eating the peanuts - I guess I will have to shell them for him - not.
See Ya By
ps - the shopping trip may be delayed as there is snow in the forcast - I have to say that I am not as comfortable on the roads after that accident - everytime I see a big logging truck barrelling towards me I clench a bit - and I keep looking in my rear view mirrow for them behind me - I pull over and let them pass. But when it is your time ...

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Anonymous said...

i fell thursday also and didn't know i was down till i was down on my right wrist and arm(remember the 4-wheeler accident)kyle was there and helped me up. i couldn't write the rest of the day. it just would't work. i was going to go to hospital but didn't. it's ok now just sore. you need those trackers that go over your shoes.i'm buying you a pair for xmas-sister sue