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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Just finished my first workout on the weights - I guess my old excuse why I don't do the weights in the summer is that I do other work that is exercise but WOW have my muscles forgot or what. Exercises that I could do no problem now are a bit rough. I just did two sets each and will work my way back up to three or four. I also set the weights to a "lower, more manageable" weight. But I guess that is to be expected after a summer of fun and work. Now it is time to get back into the old routines of the winter. Already it is pitch dark at 5:30 and soon to be just as dark at 5pm or less. We have a fire every morning when we wake up when it was 10 below thismorning. The front room is usually at 65 but this morning it was 62 degrees. Then we have another one at about 4pm that lasts us into the evening. But the sun shining is a bonus as well - it is still 76 degrees upstairs. And down here - well I worked up a sweat and it is chilly down here.
Got everything done in town as well as a few Christmas presents. Ugh - I can't believe it is going to be Christmas in a little over a month!!!! Where did it come from??? I will have to get my ONE Christmas decoration out of the attic in the garage. I have a nice little red christmas tree that lights up and I put it in my window at the top of the stairs. You can't miss it from anywhere up there and all the times we go up and down those stairs. I think Stacey got her Christmas decorating ability from me because I think she has about one decoration as well.
I am cooking something different today - I got my Kraft magazine yesterday and I see something in there I like and is easy to cook. Wish me luck...
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ps - thanks for the information Meistro - I'll look it up :)

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i need a pic of the hats-sistersue