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Monday, November 10, 2008


Were they ever good!!!! We went to a Cuban restaurant in St. Pete Beach for the Cuban sandwich and 2 4 1 mojitos. He crushed the mint leaves right there at the bar and they were served with a stick of sugan cane in it - how cuban - delicious. As soon as I can get into the other computer room I'll post a picture of the bartender/server making the drinks. Chris had to walk on the traffic side of the sidewalk on the way home.
More later - the hunters are out this afternoon with their walkie talkies on so I am sure they are in constant contact. They have got one so far. I'll be out with them tomorrow - I have to keep thinking pepperoni on the hoof - they were joking that they should hang a pepperoni around my neck for inspiration but I said no - I'd probably eat it!!!
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