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Wednesday, November 26, 2008


When I was in Florida in November we went to the Walgreen's across the street from the Bon Aire - they were having their flu shot campaign - the girl asked me if I wanted my flu shot - they were $14.00 I think - I said no, that I would wait until I got back home and get it for free - well that is what I did today. After we got the luncheon all set up - cutting the sandwiches, cheese and getting the pickel tray ready, I snuck down at about 11:10 am and got my shot. Rejean joined me. It's not everyday that Rejean goes to town with me. .We walked into the doctor's office - you have to take off your boots or shoes when you go to this clinic. Then you just sign your name and then stand in line to get your shot. Everybody knows everyone here - it was a social event. Rejean went first and Nancy called out to me to get my arm ready - I was next. I just took my coat off and my hoodie and pulled up my sleeve and walked in and gave her my arm. She commented about my tan and remembered where I had been in Florida. It is nice to have someone remember who you are. She gave me my shot - barely felt it - and out we went. I think it took all of 5 minutes. I love living in a small town - the population is 1400 Up the highway where we live the population is about 50. I don't think I will ever move back to the city - maybe to Thessalon if the need ever presents itself. But I don't have to think about that right now - I am happy and healthy. What else do you need.
Today we installed the new ceiling fan and light in the workout room - Rejean painted the ceiling and it was ready to receive the fan. Looks real good - we paid only $50 for it (we have two more for the other room) they sell for $150 here in Canada. Our next project is the new wood stove - we have to make the plateform for it and I have the pieces of slate all set to go. It is going slow but it is progressing. Film at 11.
Tomorrow we will get the wood stove from the garage to the house with the tractor - I'll get some pics of it because it should be interesting - the thing weighs a ton.
In answer to Shelley's question if Rejean made it home the night of the accident - he did - as I said before they were first on the scene and after the police came they were able to turn around in a driveway and come home - they never made it to the meeting. He got home at about 8:30pm.
I just want to say thanks to all my readers out there and thanks for the comments - it is nice of you to take the time and let me know you are reading. If you have never commented before - you don't have to leave your real name to leave a remark. I'd love to hear from you.
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