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Monday, November 17, 2008


I got that saying from Stacey but it does apply. My next marathon is next year but I get there one step at a time. Today was the first day of my training - you can never start too soon. Hopefully we will be going to San Francisco to do the Nike Woman's Marathon. It is by random drawing who gets in - and if you get in, all your friends who applied with you get in as well - so we will have four people applying so that brings the odds down that one of us will be chosen. That is if Joanne, my sister, and Jodie, Stacey's sister and my stepdaughter, agree to do it with us. I hope so. Joanne was the one who got me into this stuff. I travelled to Chicago to see Joanne and her friends run the Chicago marathon. I had never seen one before. It was exciting to watch but at the end I have never seen so many tired people - there were people lying on the ground, people with bloody feet and nipples!!!! Yes they do chafe. I made a promise that I would walk a marathon the next year with some of the other people that were there. We looked for a walker-friendly marathon and found the best one was in Portland Oregon - so that is where my first marathon was. I trained hard for it - it is harder than you think to walk 26.2 miles or 42.1 Ks - at my pace it takes me 6 hours with a negative split!! I have never looked back as it were. But even if we don't get in we may still do the half. Anything to get that Tiffany inspired medal presented by firemen dressed in tuxedos!!! I'm easy.
So today it was 30 minutes on the treadmill and the weight machine tomorrow. Rejean is not up to it yet but I am ready.
It was mighty cold out there today - we were out checking out the hydro line cleaning crew - they did leave us some good wood but didn't take as many as we thought they should. But they trimmed on our line - some branches we couldn't reach.
Heard about Andrew's surprise 40th birthday party Stacey threw for him last Saturday night. We wouldn't make it but it sounds like it was a hit. She rented a roon in a West End bar that I forget the name of. She had o'rderves(?) and little party bags she made up. I'm sure there were free drinks as well. Almost all the family who were old enough went to the party - that's nice. Even Rejean's mom who is in her early 80s went. Andrew's family made it down from Sarnia to attend. Stacey even got the big black blowup gorilla for the front lawn. Sounds like a good time was had by all. But remember, Stacey - PAY BACKS ARE A BITCH.
Tomorrow I head off to town and Rejean is at a bbq for the Northshore Fisheries - for all the volunteers.
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Meistro said...

If you are looking for a social "walking" marathon, consider The Great Saunter. It takes place on the first Saturday of May every year and is a 33 mile walk around the island of Manhattan. Def a challenge, Def interesting people, def interesting sights. It's done through a group called shorewalkers, and like the marathon, there is no real purpose except to finish (its not for charity or anything).

Good luck

Ultra Princess said...

Hi Janet

Actually Andrew's family backed out of the party. I just meant that all of our family showed up! A great time was had by all!!