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Thursday, November 27, 2008


We got our flu shots yesterday and my arm was sore all night and into today - I was worried because we had to move the new wood stove from the garage to the house. We had to put it in place in order to get the clearances correct. I drove the tractor with the stove in the bucket It really was not as heavy as I thought - we managed to move it off it's frame and into position. We are trying to locate something called NovaBrick to go behind the stove on the wall - we have it on the woodstove up here but do you think we can find it? No one carries it anymore and the one's that do can't order such a small amount. It looks good in the corner. The ceiling was finished and the new ceiling fan/light installed and that looks good.
I had to finish some paperwork for the Wharncliffe Citizen's Committee - I have been upgraded to secretary from trustee. The girl who was first elected secretary couldn't fulfill her obligations so I was asked to take over - with a report overdue to the Government - I got that done and will mail it tomorrow when we head into town for the fish fry at the Legion - an event held the last Friday of the month - delicious!!!!
Finally some action at the bird feeder - before all I was getting was the bluejays - they love peanuts and always yell at you when you walk out the door. I have a little red squirrel hanging around who doesn't know that he is supposed to be eating the peanuts - he has totally ignored them so far so the Jays are getting them all - also the little nuthatches are starting to come around - they are cute little birds that come down the tree head first and they take the sunflower seeds and stuff them into the bark of trees to store during the winter. they are so entertaining.
The fox hasn't been around today - maybe he's getting too much from Axe Lake.
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