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Monday, November 24, 2008


It has been gently snowing all day long and the temp are just around freezing - you can tell when you walk in the snow is is on the verge of melting. As evening comes the temp drops and this causes the roads to be icy - Ron Demers picked Rejean up at 5:30 to go to Blind River - about 45 minutes away on a good day - for a meeting of the Northshore Fisheries. Keith called a few minutes ago that there has been an accident up by Grand Falls Camp and there was a fatality - the road is closed for the investigation - I quickly asked what kind of vehicle and was told a van - Ron drives a pick up - but in that split second before he answers your stomach just tightens. It is about 8-10 minutes from here to the Camp. And a chip truck - a semi that is carrying wood chips - slid off the highway at the Axe Lake road cut off. Not a good nite at all - Rejean and Ron won't be able to get back home because the road has been closed and it could take a long time for the investigation -it looks like a sleep over in Thessalon for the boys.
My fox was around today and I think he will be ok - he is putting pressure on his leg but still limps when he runs. I was watching him down in the swamp earlier and he is doing just fine - poking his nose completely under the snow. With me supplementing his food he will survive the winter.
Tomorrow I make sandwiches for the luncheon on Wednesday - 80 to 100 people - I wonder what will be for our lunch...
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Anonymous said...

So....did Uncle Rejean make it home safely last night?