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Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We may not get to the Sault again tomorrow - we are in for another blast of snow and wind tonite - but we'll see tomorrow morning - if it is too bad we won't go. And John plays hockey Thursday and he has a tournament this weekend so we are looking at next week already - being the procrastinator that I am I am aware of the deadline to mail parcels out of province. The regular delivery deadline is December 12th so I still have time...I am doing the rest of my Christmas shopping in the Sault so I do have to get there eventually. You'd think I would learn. One of my nightmares that I have regularly is that it is Christmas Eve and I don't have anything bought. I am sure it must mean something. I still have to write out my cards. I did buy some homemade Christmas cards from Cheryl up here - $12.00 for 12 cards and are they nice. So if you are on my Christmas card list you will be receiving one.
If we don't go to the Sault tomorrow it is time to work on the pine - they have to be cut to size then a V cut on each end then the varathaning begins - 2 coats of varathan then a light sanding then the final third coat - I should be done in about 5 years. I just put my tunes on and go to work. Wish me luck.
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