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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Guess what - more snow. Woke up to about 3-4 more inches of the white stuff - I had to sweep of the balcony but we aren't going to blow today - maybe tomorrow. The wind is also picking up but not as cold as yesterday - it is a balmy -5C -. We have enough to do inside - today I gently sand down the pine then do the final coat of varathan - Rejean is working on the two little windows above the new bathroom door - we are going to put some of that decorative glass above the door - nothing frosted but you can get some nice glass that is clear but has some design in it - they use it in french doors - now the trick is to find it - I have a connection at Bayview Glass and Mirror in Windsor - Al used to be a customer of the bank so I may have to pull in a favour. We'll also look in Sudbury for it. It will just add a special little touch in that space and he is making the moldings so that it looks like one tall door. It is slowly coming together. On Estate park we had a piece of glass etched with the designs in the wall paper trim and it looked great. That was in the shower on the main floor.
I will be posting some pictures today - I promise - just my laptop doesn't have my recent pictures on it - I have to use the one downstairs for that.
Well it must be warm in the garage by now - Rejean went on ahead to start the fire in the garage so I am off to work - I'll have the tunes going and I will be in my own little world thinking about the upcoming trip to Windsor for Christmas - can't wait.
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