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Friday, December 5, 2008


Rejean is downstairs playing Doom on his computer and I am upstairs updating my blog - it is one of those uneventful days - I headed into town today and mailed my parcels - two to Calgary and one to Gorrie. I paid more to mail them than what was in them - but that is not the point - the point is that I MAILED THEM ON TIME - I usually mail them one week before Christmas then I pay through the nose for them to get there on time. And I will be mailing my cards Monday!!! I am proud of myself. I also got a bit more shopping done in town - I can always count on finding something at Forestland - a neat store in Thessalon. they have everything - clothes, shoes, boots, northern clothing (ie fleece and fur) nick nacks etc. I also hit Home Hardware for a few gifts - can't beat Home Hardware for stuff. Also hit the LCBO for something for me - I ordered that vodka bottle that is all decked out like a disco ball - I think it will look great on the bar (when we get it done). I also stocked up on a new address book as my old one has seen better days - and I am always misplacing addresses (right Jodie?) and what better time than Christmas to do that so I will be ready for next year. I got a suet holder and a suet brick for my birds - I usually make my own but I don't have enough bacon fat to do it yet - guess what is for breakfast tomorrow...
We are in for another dumping of snow again tonite - another Alberta Clipper. Tis the season.
Did my weights today and found a new website (thankyou Stacey) that keeps track of my workouts and runs - it is hard to keep track of it in my head and especially if you are training for a marathon or a half. It's nice to see it in black and white and it accumulates the mileage and times.
Tomorrow nite it is dinner at the Demers'. I picked up some nice bottle bags at the Dollar Store and some tissue to dress it up - they have some neat stuff there. So the bottle of wine we will bring arrives in style.
Dump day tomorrow - my job - weather permitting....
See Ya By

ps - I will try those binoculars with the camera in it for bird identification - my Downy woodpecker was at the bird feeder today - or was it the Hairy woodpecker...

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