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Saturday, December 27, 2008


We only have dial-up at home so when we come to Amherstburg we take my notebook and just enjoy the speed. I am sitting here in the kitchen in my pjs with my laptop on - what else - my lap and enjoying the moment.

What a week it has been - it is always busy when we come to Windsor but especially busy during the holidays - you try to fit everything into a couple of days - shopping, visiting, eating, drinking etc. We still have to get the oil changed on my car, visit with Rejean's mom to see her Christmas decorations, return her left behind thermal bag from Christmas day and enjoy one last family get together at Anne's this - I am tired just thinking about it. Then we head for home tomorrow (Sunday) We have checked the weather reports along the route and it should be ok. It is supposed to go up to 12 degrees C here today - it was pouring rain coming home last nite from Rick's. Got to see Steve and Jenn's new cupboards - wow - nice work Steve!! I told Jenn you have to be patient with Steve - he is just like Rejean on a project - they were both going over the work and Rejean was giving Steve a few pointers - you learn something new with everything you do. Got to see Jimmy and MaryAnne last nite as well - Looking good Jimmy!!

Today we load up the car with all our stuff and head out tomorrow morning - but one last celebration tonite - a family get together at Anne's. More eating and drinking but I will maintain as always because I am always the designated driver. I don't mind - I have had my turn to indulge occasionally. I think I prefer the designated driver status.

I didn't get to do everything I wanted to do this trip but isn't that always the case. But I will make up for it shortly.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and that Santa was good to you. You still have to get through New Year's Eve - be safe. We will be at the annual Axe Lake New Year's Eve Extravaganza - I'll make a huge batch of deviled eggs to go on the buffet table -my signature dish - it is a no stress contribution. I'll try to stay awake 'til midnight.

We may not be able to get in our driveway when we get home - there has been a big dumping of snow since we have been away - also the snow has probably fallen off the garage roof and covered he driveway - we'll have to park at Ute's and walk in then get the tractor out to blow the snow - it is supposed to be mild so that will make the snow heavy - oh well - just one of the joys of living up north I love it...

See Ya By

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