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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When in Windsor order pizza!!! You just can't get a good pizza up north. This pizza was for 4 people believe it or not - lots of leftovers - breakfast, lunch but not for dinner. Because tomorrow nite, Christmas Eve, it is the traditional Christmas Eve Extravaganza at Lise's house. All the family gathers for a gift exchange, and lots of good eats. There should be about 30 of us. We picked names and we have a $15 limit. It's a lot of fun. Every one brings something to eat - I am famous for my M & M meatballs - they go fast!! Lots of work to prepare those:) We stay there til after midnight so they can call Michael who lives in Quebec - he is the only one who doesn't come.
Hit some stores today to finish up the shopping. It was busy and the streets were bad because of the snow. Costco was not that bad. And I even went to the mall. I got what I wanted and got out of there fast.
Stacey and Andrew will be going to Sarnia to visit his family tomorrow.
Then it will be Christmas...
See Ya By

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