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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Got my deviled eggs done this morning - now I am going to burn my burnables - I am a pyromaniac at heart so I do enjoy tending and poking the fire. No threat of the forest burning down as there is too much snow and another 10-15 cm predicted tomorrow - oh well - guess what we will be doing tomorrow???
Ron and Mary are coming over at about 5pm for cocktails before we head on over to Axe Lake - we will be bundled up tonite as it is going to be about -15c - I have no idea what the wind chill will be but I will be prepared - I am going to wear my fur hat that Susan and Jack and Joanne and Mitch got me this summer. there will be a big bon-fire going and that is where the majority of people who are not playing cards will be congregating. I don't play cards up here because there are some people who are fanatics about it and who play for money - I don't so I won't be involved in that. I have decided to stick with my beer tonite - I don't want another episode like Super Bowl Sunday - besides there are no pool tables at Arnold's. I don't know what Linda will be drinking but I am sure it won't be margaritas!!!
Please be safe - don't drink and drive - lucky you if you are staying home tonite and entertaining - you can indulge.
I will raise a toast to you at midnight - my faithful blog readers - without you this would not be as much fun - what is a blog without it's readers??? I do it for you.
C H E E R S ! ! !

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Anonymous said...

and i love reading it Aunt Janet!!! I might be a northern bliss addict!! Happy New Year to you & uncle Rejean!
Lots of Love,