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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


They weren't kidding - it has been snowing all week and with more to come- but we seem to avoid the big snowfalls - 25 cm - we'll only get about 10 cm. We aren't going to blow the snow until tomorrow. After it is all done.
But at least we have started the pine - something I can do. Rejean cut the boards to length and did the V cut on the front of each board - I had to choose the nicest side - hard to do because I like the flaws, the knot holes and the discolored wood - Rejean doesn't - so I try sneak a couple of MY boards through. I then had to sand the ends down and the sides. I got to cut the V shape on the router - power tools - you gotta love 'em. We did manage to get one coat of varathan on them - I'll apply the second coat tomorrow when Rejean is out blowing the snow. Then we lightly sand before the third coat goes on. We have enough for behind the wood stove after the NovaBrik goes on. Which we will get when we go to Sudbury on Monday - when the weather settles down.
The pictures of the woodpeckers were not from my personal pictures - I now know how to post a picture from the internet to my blog. I am getting good at this. Stacey tried to show me when I was in Windsor but I didn't remember exactly how.
I hear it is raining in Windsor - I prefer snow - it is really kind of neat with all the snow - I won't try the lake until January - I'm a big chicken. The big lake - Cummings - is not even close to freezing over but all it takes is a few really cold nites and I hear we are in for some cold weather next week. I see all the ice huts ready to go and waiting for the hard water. Ron's is panelled in cedar and looks great - like a bunkie.
I have some pictures of my handiwork but it may not make the blog until tomorrow after I get the pictures on the downstairs computer.
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