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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Yesterday we did get to the Sault - it did snow all day but there was very little accumulation - got the majority of my shopping done and had a great time with John and Linda. We were approaching Axe Lake Road at about 6:30pm when we could see six headlights in the distance - one set of headlights were off the road. As we got closer we could see two vehicles had pulled over and there was a car upright in the ditch. He was very lucky - he had come down the hill and misjudged how steep it was and couldn't make the turn and just went straight across the Axe Lake road and into the field across the road - thank goodness there were no rocks or trees. Just going too fast for the road conditions.
Well after that we had a cold beer at John's after we unloaded all their purchases. We could see the fox tracks outside the garage and the next time we looked, there he was - my little fox - I hadn't seen him in a couple of days and the food was beginning to pile up - John could only feed him a little bit of sausage - I scolded him for not coming around and I told him to drop by my house tomorow for more - well - low and behold this morning when I went downstairs to get something, there he was looking in my door at me!! I kid you not. So they really do understand when we talk - proof.
Also hung another bird feeder in front of where my treadmill is going so I will have something to watch when I am running for hours - and I had some feeding this afternoon - calmly - I looked them up in my bird book but I couldn't find them - I actually forgot some details so I couldn't identify them - I will have my book handy next time.
Wow - I am filling my social calendar for December quickly - first we were invited to a New Year's Eve party on Axe Lake (like I would turn that down) then we are invited over to Plain Jane and Les' on Saurday December 12th for a little get together with a bunch of other people and then for dinner this Saturday nite at Ron and Mary's. I will have to wash my jeans. It is very casual up here - even for weddings - they put an notice in the weekly paper inviting everyone.
It is cold out there - right now it is -15 C - thank goodness for wood stoves!!
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Anonymous said...

you could take a pic with the binoculars that take pic(remember i gave you a pair) and look the birds up later, cause i don't need you falling off the treadmill like someone else that you live with did.sistersue