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Saturday, December 20, 2008


It was sooo cold in Sudbury...I don't think I have ever been that cold in my life!!! We decided to make a break for it yesterday. We packed for overnite as it is a 3 hour ride and we did have some shopping to do and maybe take in a movie..
We hit Maple Leaf Masonry as soon as we pulled off of 17. Nice people. As soon as you walked through the door you were greeted by a father and son team. They saw me glance at a glass block on display and bet I was there to buy some to put a light in it. I have seen that craft and it is nice. But no - we were there for bricks. They took us upstairs to show us all the colors they came in - we thought they only had the light grey. We (I) decided on the darker grey color. But the displays of all their other stone products - wow - if I ever win a million I know where I'll get my stone. Then when they were writing up the bill of sale, the father started chatting me up. He gave me a grapefruit that was on their counter, I got a note holder that is real neat - it sticks to a wall and you slip a piece of paper under the little slide and it holds it there until you slip that paper sideways out - it is the only way you can get it out - it really holds the paper in place - then he gave me a note pad with their name on it - then he gave me a keychain that has an actual bubble level in it!!! Just like Christmas!!! Then we go out into the lot to get the bricks loaded into the back of the truck. I have on my little ankle boots, jeans, a turtle neck sweater, my down black jacket and some leather gloves and a Bud Lite touque - Rejean calls me to hold up the tuneau cover as it has froze so that it won't bend. I can hold it up but about one minute later my fingers are frozen - I have to go into the car for my better gloves - it was freezing out there - the wind was howling and it was bitter cold. It got to about -17F!!! That was not with the windchill - that was the temp. My face hurt it was so cold. After there we checked into our room right across the street then proceeded to Costco - $400 later....we never get out of there without at least spending $300 or more - oh well - we do need it. There was a Silver City right behind so we snuck over to see if The Day The Earth Stood Still was playing and lo and behold it was. I bought some tickets for 6:50 that evening at the kiosk - I hesitated when I punched in Regular instead of Senior. The regular price was $7.50 which I thought was pretty good after Windsor's show tickets but the senior's was only $4.50. And the senior age was 65 - now in the dark when you hand the ticket taker your tickets I don't think they would give us a hard time like calling for security to throw us out for trying to sneak in as seniors when we obviously weren't (be nice) but, being the honest person that I am I punched in regular. $15 for two show tickets.
We then hit Home Depot to check out the toilets and for me to look at my Tuscan Stone floor and dream about when it will finally be down and to check out the bathroom tiles AGAIN. All the Christmas decorations were already 50% off and more. Well, back home my Christmas wreath had blown down in the storm and fallen in the slush and then froze to the ice when the temp dropped overnite. The only way you could get it up was to scrape it and a lot of my decorations were damaged (besides it has seen better days) so it was bound for the dump. I got a nice wreath with fruit and berries on it for $5!!! Almost free!!! A good bargoon.
Dashed back for dinner then hit the show - I remember and liked the original The Day The Earth Stood Still with Michael Rennie in it. I was not impressed with this one. I was waiting for the girl to rush back to Gort to say Klaatu Birada Nikto but they left that out - how could you leave that out??? That made the whole movie. I won't spoil it for you if you want to see it but I give it 1 star.
When we got back out to the car it was -17F !!!!!!
I am glad we got that trip out of the way - now we just have to check the weather for our trip down to Windsor - I hear you guys are supposed to get more snow Sunday - they got 19 cm according to the weather station - I now know how to tell how deep 19 cm is - think 10/4 - 10cm of snow equals 4 inches - now I can visualize 19 cm. That's a lot for Windsor.
Well that's it for now - Rejean is playing his Xbox again. We really do need two tvs.
See ya By

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