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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Woke up this morning and it was 25 below C - we knew it was going to be cold when we came home from dinner last nite at 9pm - it was clear out and the wind was just a howling. And cold!!! We sleep with the window open just a crack and the ceiling fan going - I like it cold - and it was great for sleeping. Dinner was great - it was walley, french fries, a brocoli salad, cole slaw and a garden salad. And for desert it was butter tarts - oh and we had bacon wrapped scallops for an or'derve - and they had a visitor - Choco the fat chocolate lab they were babysitting for the evening. What a sweetheart - what a big dog!!! Solid - not flabby- and those eyes...he got to lick the scallop pan after it had cooled and he loved it. A good evening with friends. We got home at 9pm.
This morning we got our hair cuts at Robin's. I played with their two dogs - Chloe and Sandy. Everyone has a dog except me...someday. Then we cleaned up the snow and I cleaned my house. Tomorrow we are off to Sudbury - my first time there - they have a Costco and the NovaBrik we need so we are making it a road trip with a sleepover. I'll take my camera in case we see something - we are packing emergency clothing and stuff just in case - boots, hats, gloves, snowsuits etc.
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diseleye Why send the SAME twice?
Must have been the tremmmmmmor.