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Thursday, December 18, 2008


That's what they were saying on Canada AM this morning about the snow heading towards southwestern Ontario - read Windsor. Apparently you are in for a big dumping. How does that feel for a change? We have been socked good up here but you have so far been lucky. Just remember to drive slow and keep a safe distance between you and the other cars. Take corners slow. Arrive Alive. Ute got a new set of winter tires but she had a hard time tracking them down - a favour was called in for them. Quebec has now made it the law that you have to have winter tires so all the winter tires in Canada are heading that a-way. Good luck trying to find them this year. I have good tires on my Compass - not winter but all weather and with the four wheel drive and my good driving habits I do pretty good. On my way to the meeting last nite I saw a big logging truck in my rear view mirror - I put my indicator on and started slowing down as I was heading down the hill at dead man's curve (at the Axe Lake road ) I just made the turn into the road when he passed me going full tilt. I don't like them on my tail. I always tense when I see one of those trucks now after the accident.
Well we are heading out tomorrow to Sudbury - the weather looks pretty good so we are making a break for it. We have our lists and have checked them twice so hopefully we won't forget anything. Road Trip!!!
I had my doctor's appointment today - I am fine by the way - and got to talk with my doctor - Dr Wagegijic - she's a hoot. I found out today she has a great fear of clowns!! We got to talking about stuff like that - in between the health stuff - I think I spent about 25 minutes in there and I was only getting a prescription refilled + some other stuff. No 2 minutes and gone stuff in Thessalon - our doctors take care of you. My first meet and greet with her took about 45 minutes - she got all my information and history. My next appointment a few weeks later was a complete - and I mean complete - physical. Again it took almost an hour. She is very thorough.
Now I just have to work on my dentist up here - I go to Dr Coscarella in Windsor and he is soooo good - I make dental appointments when I go to Windsor but in case of emergencies it is best to have one local.
No blog tomorrow - don't worry, I'll be back on Saturday. Stay warm and safe.
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