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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Went into town today to get my eggs for the big party tomorrow nite. It's the first time I've been in town since before we left and even downtown Thessalon has it's sales - I hit Forestland and got some good bargoons - a nice white - wait for it - turtleneck - it's hard to keep them white - I'll keep this one for good. Also a Woolrich corduroy sage green jacket that I think I will wear tomorrow nite to the party - it is going to be in Joy and Arnold's garage (and they are not even home) and the meal will be served at Davey's house - he brings up a ton of ribs from the Tunnel BBQ in Windsor and cooks them over an outdoor fire - he has quite the set up - I'll take a picture of it to show you. There will also be chicken, sausages and who knows what else - he supplies the meat and everyone else brings the rest - as you know I'll be bringing the deviled eggs, Linda is doing macaroni salad and buns, and Mary is bringing coleslaw. I don't know what else will be served but I am sure it will be tooooo much. After eating you have to stay awake until midnight - a chore I am sure. There will be a big bon-fire outside, fireworks, tables set up for cards etc. At about quarter to midnight the girls grab some unsuspecting guy and dress him up in diapers for the new year's baby. I told Rejean to wear clean underwear just in case...there should be about 30 of us bringing in the new year tomorrow nite - what are your plans????
Then there is the question of New Year's Resolutions - I usually don't make them but this year I am going to and you can be sure I will keep them - there are some things in my life I have been neglecting and I want to remedy that. Keeping in touch with my sisters, friends and family. Keeping up my training for my marathons and just general well being - I am getting older and I can feel little aches and pains where there were none before. I believe it has a lot to do with your attitude towards life - I feel that life just keeps getting better and better and I am being rewarded for every good thing I have ever done in my life. I am very appreciative.
Also to eat healthier - I am cutting out all the goodies that are my downfall - those cheese flavoured Bits and Bites!!! I will never buy them again - they are evil. Also those honey mustard sour dough bites that they sell at ValuMart - never again will they pass by my lips. No more sour dough bread - ugh - I could eat a whole loaf (I am getting hungry). I will not cut out snacks that are good for you - like almonds and prunes (I love pitted prunes - I have an open bag right now in my fridge and every time I go into the fridge I dig out one to eat) I like them to get hard - I don't like them soft. But enough about my diet.
I am getting a new camera once Steve tells us what one he recommends - I need one with the image stabilizer - my tremor is getting worse and it shows in my pictures - a lot of the ones I took over Christmas are blurry. But with the stabilizer I should be shooting like the pros. I have tons of Visa Gold points so I am going to put them to good use. My pictures should be good from tomorrow nite as the tremor is not as severe after you have had a drink - don't laugh - it is true - you can look it up yourself on a website - that is how you can tell it is a familial tremor because it disappears after alcohol is ingested - another good reason to have a cocktail.
Hey, it didn't snow today!!!! And the forecast is clear right thru to New Year's day - now we can get some real work done.
See Ya By

ps - in case you don't see my blog tomorrow I wish everyone a safe and happy New Year's Eve - I hope you are able to spend it with people you love and care about and toast the New Year in with a smile - enjoy!!!

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