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Sunday, December 28, 2008


We woke up to howling winds, checked the weather and decided to make a break for home. It was very windy - they were supposed to be 70K/hr and some felt like it. We just took our time and heard on the radio that there was a winter storm watch in effect for northern Mich. - where was that info when we needed it. But it wasn't that bad. But then we heard on the radio that traffic on the Mackinac bridge was restricted to car traffic!!! Rejean had heard that the winds were only 20 miles/hr. Someone got that wrong. We approached the bridge and you could see the cables just a whipping in the wind. I asked Rejean to not drive on the grate - even on nice days I don't like that. You could feel the bridge move!!! They had trucks escorting traffic across - I was not too happy. I was looking down at the ice cold water with the ice bergs floating and could picture myself sinking. We just crawled across but we made it. The rest of the trip was ok and no hassles at customs.
We were worried about not being able to get in our laneway as they have had a lot of snow and the plows would have gone by and pushed the snow across our entrance - we were prepared to walk - we had out boots, mitts, hats and coats ready - but someone had plowed out the entrance up to the gate so we were able to get up just on top of the hill before we got stuck - the snow is two feet deep!!! Anyway we would not have been able to get by the garage as the snow finally came down and it is about three feet deep - guess what Rejean will be doing tomorrow. We grabbed some stuff out of the car and walked up to the house - we will deal with the rest tomorrow.
I am sitting here with a nice cold beer, the fire is going and I am home - there is no place like home...
See Ya By

ps - pics tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are home safe ans sound. We head home tomorrow. Nice to see everyone, but nice to go home. We will be home for 2 days then January 1st we have to go to Kitchener. Friday lots of running around to do to finalize arrangements. Then Saturday January 3rd Memorial service. We will be back in Windsor on Sunday. Back to work on Monday.