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Sunday, April 26, 2009


There should be a picture of the bathroom floor but I am having problems with Picasa again - it will be here tomorrow so you will see it then. We did finish it and, if I do say so myself, it is beautiful. Just like I imagined. We did it in the brick pattern and it was a bit of a challenge - a few cuts here and there but we did it. I carried one of the cabinets in and put it in place and it looks pretty good. Tomorrow Rejean will work on the trim while I clean smelt!! He has gone smelting with John and Randy so I may be busy tomorrow.
We have been woken up the past three days by the loons!! They are both back and they are letting us know it. It's good to see them. I have my fingers crossed for babies. But it has been four years since we had any kids. They say the raccoons get the eggs. And since we know they are around...
There is just a bit of ice down at the far end of the lake - it is good to see the water again. Now if we could just have some warm weather.
Just in case you think we are ignoring your emails, we don't have an email address anymore. Apparently when we cancelled our internet service with Bell because we now have the High Speed Stick, they cancelled our email - when we got the service we were told that we could keep it. So tomorrow I am searching for a new email service. I will let you know what it is - if I know you.
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Anonymous said...

it reached 86 degrees down here in the south; Just like in Florida.
We are expecting 85 again today; Looking forward to seeing you soooonn.
Get that bathroom done your first tourist will be there on Saturday afternoon. Take care