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Monday, April 13, 2009


We had Ron and Mary over for dinner yesterday - it turned out great - and she brought a hostess gift of a white wine and a bag of those tin foil wrapped chocolate Easter eggs!! More chocolate - but don't worry, I have sworn off chocolate until next Easter. I had my little treat - and not even Rejean's unfinished bunny can tempt me. We had left over turkey tonite for dinner and we will have it again tomorrow nite - turkey-a-la-king - my mother's way. I like it that way.
Tomorrow we are going ice fishing - they say the ice is safe and Ron grew up around here so he should know and as we are going with him, Mary, Linda and Danielle from Montreal, I feel safe. It is supposed to go up to 54 degrees F with sunny conditions so I should dress in layers and bring my sunscreen. Ron is going to bring his BBQ and do venison burgers, salads etc. plus beverages - sounds like a picnic doesn't it? I hope we catch something.
Today we started on the ceiling - it's a tough one. It won't be even on the sides but it is turning out nice. I don't know how the professionals do it - there is a lot of planning that goes into the measurements and placement of the tile. Rejean measured the centre and went from there so one of the lines run down the centre and the rest off that mark. It worked on the walls but the ceiling is a different story - you have to accommodate 4 different sides.
I saw a butterfly today. A live butterfly. Couple that with the caterpillar, the robin and the mosquito - I think spring is here. We are supposed to have sun all week with the high on Wednesday 15C - that's niiiiiiice.
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