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Friday, April 3, 2009


Yes, the floor is done. It is exactly what I wanted. And we did a good job too. For something that he is not comfortable with, he did great. There was a rough spot when we had to cut the tile for the drain hole. UGH. We had the wet cutter, chippers, a special blade in a hack saw - you name it and he tried it. But eventually he did a good job. Just a few small cracks but nobody will see them - oops - you will. Tomorrow we grout. The grout will probably be like you see it now - darker to highlight the tile. Then the walls go up - matt white 12x12's with a boarder of 2 rows of the floor tile at eye level.
It snowed all day long. But it was always at couple of degrees above zero so it was wet snow. It is 7:30pm and it is still snowing. Some people want to come up to their camps for Easter but there is still 3 feet of snow in their driveways - honest - so they need to be plowed. It's not like in Windsor where they are picking beautiful daffodils out of their front yard - nice bouquet, Chris - soon.
The fox was around today but I don't think it was ours. It looked lighter and when I taped on the window he took off like a bat out of hell. Ours wouldn't have been that startled. He ate some bird seed and was gone.
Tomorrow we start on the walls, dinner with John and Linda and probably watch a hockey game. I hope it's a nice day. Dump Day!!
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Stacey said...

We woke up to snow today!