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Thursday, April 16, 2009


This is what the lake looked like 1/2 hour ago. The snow and ice are going fast. We have had some beautiful days - yesterday I got out suntanning and it felt good. I had lots of sun screen on because the day before out ice fishing did a number on our faces. Red like tomato. But it feels good to feel the sun on your face and feel the warmth - it has been a long winter. You figure we got snow right after hunting season - mid November and we just started seeing the ground a couple of weeks ago and it doesn't melt up here like in Windsor. But I did see some hard core fisher people on Cummings this morning on my way to the Sault. Can the fire wood be calling my name????
Went to get my 2nd mammogram in 1 week. This time it was at the hospital. They squished my breast even more.. They were trying to get a better picture of my right boob. Did you know that because we are considered remote up here, I get paid $55 per trip to the Sault for medical procedures? I do. I am going to open one of those Tax Free Savings Account for all my earnings if I have to go for more.
We are invited to a birthday party on Saturday - Robin is going to be 45!! I offered to make the cupcakes - I prefer them to regular cakes - it is nice to get one of your own little cakes. I am going to do different color icing on them and different sprinkles. Festive!! It will be a day off work. Rejean got started on the grout today - slow work - but niiiiice.
That's it for now - I finished my exercises and my blog and now I am going to relax....
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Anonymous said...

Here to its going to be summer today Friday We are supposed to get to 70 degrees here in the south

Burke said...

Beautiful and sunny in windsor the last few days, nice to see things are melting up there, loved the pic's of your bbq. Tell Robin I said happy birthday have fun.

northernbliss said...

I'll be documenting the party for tomorrows blog - I'll have a cupcake and cocktail for you Liz.

T.F. Savings said...

Sounds like summer is on its way. That is one of the most unusual and interesting ways to generate funds for a Tax Free Savings Account.