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Friday, April 10, 2009


Does this bird not look like it swallowed a ball? I had seen him around for a few days and it struck me that "that bird is fat!!" I thought he was just puffed up because it was cold but it wasn't that cold. And he just hopped around eating all the seed on the ground. I saw him at the bird feeder under the veranda (that's what I'm calling our porch) so I decided to get a few pictures of him. He was fat!! I called Rejean over and said I didn't think he could fly because he was so fat. Rejean opened the window and yelled at it - and lo and behold he didn't fly away because he is too fat to fly!!! He just hops. Now for the sad news. When I was out sweeping the seeds off the veranda I saw some feathers - with meat attached!! Yes something had gotten the fat bird (at least I think it's the fat bird because I didn't see him today) So that just goes to show you - that being obese can kill you. True story.
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Margaret Pangert said...

that is too sad! nature can be so cruel. i'm impressed with how aware you were. some people are blind to life...