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Monday, April 6, 2009


We had an incident with the old bird feeder - one day it was torn down from the rope and it had been ripped apart and I still haven't found my suet holder. The bird feeder was about 7 feet off the ground - I had to stand on my toes to take it down. We had raised it up before so the raccoon couldn't get at it. Well we didn't know what had destroyed the feeder. Raccoons can't jump and it was too far off the ground for the fox -maybe a bear...Anyway I bought a new one and hung it up.
I got up this morning and was starting the fire when I looked out the window and saw the raccoon on the higher branch with the bird feeder up with him and him eating out of the feeder. That raccoon pulled up the bird feeder with his little hands. He couldn't reach it from the ground or from the side of the tree. He pulled 10 feet of rope up to reach the feeder - and it was half full so it wasn't light. I quickly grabbed the camera and took this picture - I apologize for the blurriness but when I am excited, my tremor is bad. And Rejean opened the door and yelled at the raccoon so I couldn't get another picture but I am sure you can make out what he is doing.
The next pictures are of our exciting afternoon. Ron had Terry pull down an old cabin of his and then he burned it. We brought over some hot dogs, buns, beer, chopped onions and some lawn chairs and made an afternoon of it. Ron brought his BBQ and we roasted the dogs on it. Mary made a couple of salads and some butter tarts for desert. What a great time we had. The wind was very cold so you had to stand close to the fire. Ute came over and Hughie was there. Terry's wife Kim came along also to visit. It was a social gathering.
Up here you take entertainment where you can get it. I wouldn't change it for the world.
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Anonymous said...

Sure sounds like your enjoying retirement Aunt Janet & Uncle Rejean. Sitting around a bonfire on a Monday afternoon and roasting is tough eh? Well I stayed in because even looking outside our window to find 10 cm of snow in April is very unfavorable in my mind. (and it's still snowing) They are calling for 80% chance of flurries till tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain Shelley. We still have lots o'snow here. But they say this weekend will be niiiiiice...