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Thursday, April 30, 2009


OK, I admit I watch American Idol. I have for the past few seasons. This year I am really enjoying Adam Lambert. What a performer. When I first saw him, he was a bit Goth, with his painted fingernails and eye liner. But over the past few weeks he has become a favourite - I also like Danny Gokey and Allison - I predict those will be the final 3 but I also like Chris. Time will tell. But we get such a kick out of Adam Lambert. Every week it is a treat to watch him. I can honestly say that I would pay big bucks to see him in concert - I think he would put on quite the show. He puts his own spin on the songs he sings. This week's performance was amazing. But WTF - he was in the bottom 3!!! He will win. AND I predict that he will be very, very successful. Betcha a buck.
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