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Saturday, April 18, 2009


I Spotted the otter yesterday up on the ice. I grabbed my camera and after this shot tried to sneak over to Stacey & Andrew's for a better view but....he must have heard me because he never came back up. Darn. He/she usually puts in an appearance just as the ice is going out and then again in the fall. We saw a mother and her 3 babies last year just a frolicking around. Good to see it again.
But I can always depend on my squirrels to pose for peanuts. They are soooo fat - all they do is eat. When ever I am outside they are chipping at each other trying to get my attention to throw them some peanuts - which I am trained to do. I don't mind them hanging around - they are my entertainment.
Made my cupcakes this morning and decorated them for the birthday party this afternoon and evening - there are some good hockey games on tonite and John is a rabid hockey fan. So guess what we will be doing tonite - Go Detroit!!!
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