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Monday, April 20, 2009


This morning we started putting the pine on the bathroom walls but Rejean needed a haircut. I called and made the appointment for 3. Thought better of it and rescheduled for 4. John called and wanted Rejean to go with him to Blind River to order some wine (he is finally out of his home brew from Windsor) Linda was going so I went to. We made arrangements to meet them at the Post at 3pm. Called and rescheduled the hair appointment for 3. We were ready earlier so we called and rescheduled the hair appointment for 2:30 and to meet John and Linda at 2:30. While at Robin's John called the wine place and they were closed on Mondays. All dressed up and no where to go. We decided to go to Bruce Mines and visit a little shop that carries all sorts of neat things. Got there and it was closed. We needed some wine so we went to the LCBO - closed. Decided to go to the Legion for a couple of beers - closed. Went to the Bavarian and I had 1 German draft, Rejean had 2 - $20!!! John and Linda's bar tab was $17!! But it was good. We decided to have dinner in Thessalon so we hit the open LCBO in Thessalon, and went to have a drink at the Legion. I put my name and phone number on a hockey pool at the Legion - Linda went over and put under my name "call me for a good time". (when I got home the bartender, Al, had called and left a message that he was looking for a good time!! - I wonder how many calls I'll get) We had dinner at the Shoreview and it was good. I had a Club House - real turkey - but I couldn't finish my fries.
It is rainy and windy and cold - good days to work inside.
Tomorrow I will post some pictures of the birthday party from Saturday nite. Good times!!!
Tomorrow it's back to work.
See Ya By

ps - the smelt are running already!!!


Burke said...

wow that was a long journey by the sound of it lol

Burke said...

wow you are behind on your blog must be busy with all the work going on inside still waiting for the pictures from the party, see ya in a week or so