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Friday, April 3, 2009


Please don't pay too much attention to the background - it's all our stuff to finish the bathroom. But how good do those cabinets look? Great if I do say so myself. Notice the nice finish on the wood. Me. It turned out actually better than I imagined. Can't wait tosee them in place - but that won't be for a while yet. We are now going to be tiling the shower. Rejean is finally ready. He levelled off the floor yesterday - there were some high spots and he wanted to get the slope just right. He placed the sheets of tile in the space and we are ready to go today - of course I will share those pics with you later today.
Tomorrow nite John and Linda are coming over for dinner - hamburgers and hash browns done in a pan. I saw Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals the other day and it looked pretty good. It calls for Chereso(?) sausage for the hash browns. Well I hit Valuemart yesterday to pick up the ingredients and they had never heard of it. Figures. I really didn't expect them to carry it. I will substitute some spicy Italian sausage instead. They will never know the difference (I hope).
It is raining today, as it is all over the place. Hopefully it will take care of the snow. It is looking really dirty out there. And the back roads are really mushy. We went to John and Linda's last nite and what an adventure just getting there. We were slipping and sliding all over the place in the slush and they are logging in there so it is really muddy at the turn. I hope when they are done they return it to it's original state.
We back to work now. Thanks for the tip about the maple syrup and the rum bottles. I don't have any empty ones (yet) but I will pass the info on to the guys.
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Stacey said...

It looks great! I bet you're excited to have it installed.

Anonymous said...

they look fantastic-the bathroom will be a showcase-too bad it can't be on tv. rejean should (and you) get your own show. sistersue ps-when he is done i need a bathroom makeover too.

Burke said...

great job looks great