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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Always Be Prepared!

Well look what I got today. We were going to escort the fish truck down to the lake and were meeting him at 11:30 am - we went a little early so I could cast a few into the stream and see what I could get - I took my rod, worms, my vest but forgot my creel, net, scissors and a knife.
I walked down into the stream and made a couple of casts and nothing so I moved a bit down stream where there was a little riffle by a downed tree and thought nothing could be in there because it was a bit shallow but what the hell - gave it a cast. Bang - he was on. I reeled in but nothing was happening - he wasn't moving - usually you can hear if the drag isn't set right but I couldn't. I just kept the line tight and reeled in - keeping him away from the downed tree. He put up a good fight. I had no net so I guided him over to the shallows where I could beach him. Then I picked him up and put him under my arm and walked back upstream where my cooler was and Rejean was watching. He was strong and tried to wiggle out but I kept a death grip on him. No way was I going to lose this fish - he still had the hook in his mouth!! We couldn't clean him because we didn't have a knife or scissors so we put him in the cooler and stole ice cubes from the beer to keep him cool (a small sacrifice to make) I was very happy - he is a beaut. There is nothing like the feeling of having a big fish on in a stream that you wouldn't think could support a fish that size. It was a pleasant surprise. Guess what is for dinner tonite...
See Ya Bye
ps - for those who don't know this is a brook trout - a nice brook trout!!

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