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Monday, June 30, 2008


Stacey and Andrew and my grandchild Sadie arrived on Wednesday evening and we had a good time - Sadie went in swimming and she loved it - you throw a stick and she jumps right in and calmly swims out to retrieve it - she doesn't have a frantic swim as some dogs do but she is calm in the water - last year a dragon fly sat right on her nose as she was swimming - she looked concerned but continued to swim ashore with her stick. I took her for a walk down the trail and she went on ahead but stopped and made sure I was right behind her - twice I hid on her and watched her come back to find me - I'm bad but the look on her face "where'd she go?" is priceless. Rick and Joan came on Friday nite and Jenn and Steve came Saturday afternoon. We had fireworks on Saturday nite in celebration of vacations. They were pretty good - Rejean and Andrew set them off - I guess because they had the least alcohol - maybe.
Stacey and Andrew left on Sunday and my sister Susan and her husband Jack and their two friends - robbie and LeeAnn are pulling in today. Yes there is a crowd up here but we have fun + it is construction as well. Life is an adventure.
It is a beautiful day today so I am going to get out there and do something - myabe a kayak ride around the lake.
I'll leave you with a picture of our group this weekend.
See Ya Bye

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